About me — Jonne Haß

I don’t like writing about myself. Therefore I ask you to send me something that describes how you see me! :) Please write me in German or English and I’ll publish it here. Send a mail to me@jhass.eu.

Daniel Ellison, 9/22/11:
I see Jonne as a very knowledgeable person who is always willing to help on the Diaspora* IRC channel.

Sakshi Jain, 08/12/13:
Jonne, you are super awesome… :) You have a solution for every problem. Please tell how did you gain so much knowledge.
Answer: With time and patience ;)

Tobi, 05/06/13:
mir gefällt dein Template. Woher hast du das? Ich finde es auch toll, dass du das Diaspora Projekt so nach vorne bringst! Super.
Answer: Ist selbst gebaut und benutzt das YAML CSS framework.

MeMo, 06/05/15
I see Jonne as a friend & a mentor at the same time. He is a very patient person (anyone at his place maybe willing to kill me :D), without exaggeration i’ve learned from him alot of lessons not just in tech fields but in the life too. But i don’t want you to beome cocky because of the praise in any of about you messages. ;)